Whale fin for Waves Forever...Wood burn.

Both sides of the fin are shown here. I think these are my most favorite to make....this fin is going on a long board and I find the whale theme fits perfect. A Hui Hou. Daniel

9'0 By Daniel

Daniel 9'0 pin tail glassed by Michael Miller...he makes everyone look good:) Aloha, Daniel

Art fin...finishing touch

Local shaper and veteran Eric Olson took these shots of me finishing off another Art Fin. Check out Eric's blogs at http://www.breaksselection.blogspot.com/

Skip Frye 50 years of surfing!

I made these fins for Master shaper and surfer Skip Frye. Skip has been surfing now for 50 years...to commemorate this feat he is having all his boards done golden yellow this year....Peace be with you. Daniel

11'0 By Daniel Partch

Really stoked on this board I made! Michael Miller glass job is over the top professional work. John Cherry made the box fin for my 40th birthday. I'm a Charger fan and I'm sure this will be the year for them.....fingers crossed....I'm naming the board "Charger" because that is what I made it for...charging! Stoked. Daniel

Da boys...

"Hole in the Hall gang"....L-R Tyler Warren, Myself and Morgan, Manny Caro, Josh Hall and Mike List. A good time was had by all. Daniel

Josh Hall's personal...

Josh Hall shaped himself this quad. Harry the Hat did the artwork...like it! Daniel

Waiting to get wet? Trim/Squire Surfboards=UK

http://web.mac.com/corduroysurf/Site/Corduroy.html Trim Surfboards...United Kingdom. Bitchen single fin. Trim/Squire blog at http://squiresurfboards.blogspot.com/2008_06_01_archive.html

Michael Miller quad fin...

Michael Miller marine ply quad. http://factorysurfin.blogspot.com check him out. Daniel

Pyro-Graphic Paipo...all Pau.

Well here she is....hope she will be enjoyed by all. Aloha, Daniel

Pyro-Graphic scene....

I'm working on this paipo board for Jeff McCallum. I shaped the board out of Marine ply then took it home to start on the pyrographics. The section you see is the deck and it had 10 knots in that area. I used the knots as tuna eyes and made the fish around the eyes. I did not burn the knots at all but let them speak for themselves...natures art. I still have a way to go on it but I thought I'd share it. It will be on display at the Pod Room in O'side on September 6th. Jeff McCallum will be having a small show/get together....All are invited. Peace, Daniel

McCallum spoon...

I really have enjoyed seeing all the shapes that Jeff McCallum is doing...incredible craftsman. Peace.....DP


I took over a hundred photo's of this bird but only a few were any good. It was our last good swell and Sunset Cliffs and it was closed out and not the greatest of days but this Osprey kept circling around right in front of me so I shot as many pictures as I could. It was quite a show. Daniel

Marine on a mission...

Nuff said. DP

Japan Green Room Festival

These boards were shaped by Skip Frye and Josh Hall. Artwork done by Andy Davis. Fins by yours truly. Loved being involved with such positive people. Yoshitaka seen here in the photo is an Japanese film maker and businessman so there will be more to come. DP