Michael Miller surfboard...Personal ride.

Miller made this "Bonzer Fish Simmons" mini-glider for me. It has a ten inch tail like a fish Simmons but with a five fin set up....looks like a rocket to me as I'm sure it will be fast. Thanks Michael for shaping my boards and listening to my life stories.....Aloha, Daniel
Check Michael out at http://www.mmillersurfboards.com/

Skip Frye Fish Simmons.

I got to make these wood burned art fins for Waves Forever (Yuichi). The fins feature a cartoon of the owners dog (Chame) jumping up after a set of Fyre wings...the other fin shows "Chame" (the dog) with the "who me?" look after tearing the wings up... It was good fun making these fins...everyone was stoked including ole Skipper. Peace. Daniel

Sun burn....

Two of my favorite places...Aloha, DP