Waves Forever Cartoon finz.

These fins are for Waves Forever Yuichi's (You-Itchy) company. They are a a cartoon of a customers dog "Chame" for his Skip Frye that's in the works. Yuichi has done so much for me and Josh Hall's business. Japans surfers and shop owners have been introduced to us through Yuichi...so none of this would be possible with out his hard work and thousands of daily emails.....Thank you Yuichi for all you do for us!!! Aloha, Surf Ohana Forever..... Daniel
Check out Yuichi's website at http://www.wavesforever.com/

Paipo by Daniel...

I love doing these paipo boards. All the art work shown here is done by hand and burned on with my pyro-graphic burning kit. Great fun now off to the rising sun. Peace. Daniel

Restoration for an old friend....Ohana style.

I restored this Mike Casey 7'2 Channin chambered balsa for my friend Dixon. It was a good challenge worth doing...Dixon has had this board since the early 70's and was his only board back in the day. I thought the board needed to be loved up one more time and given a respectable place in Dixon's home. This board was more like a brother than an old friend...Dixon grew up with this baby...the board was featured in an add for Channin (see above). Michael Miller did all the glass work and it was not a simple glass....he had to fill cracks and reshape the rails....allot of love was put back into her. Surf on brother Dixon...with the wind in your face and the sun on your back. Peace, Daniel